The encoded object

wind like instrument / wind as a medium

While working on the project during the spring break, I managed to visit 3 different cities – London, Moscow and Barcelona, and in each I recorded wind at different weather

Recording the sound of the wind was an interesting experience. I was greatly pleased aesthetically, and also reflected on our world and people. I recalled the famous "Wind of Change" by the Scorpions. It was written almost 30 years ago. The song reflects the mood of the era that has changed the lives of millions of people.
I follow the Moskva, down to Gorky Park, listening to the wind of change... The wind of change is heard not only in Moscow. It is different in each city and has the sound of different hopes, different sorrows, different futures and different present. And, yet, it is the universal flow that carries us, the people on the Earth of all ages, races and nationalities, from the past to the future. The sound of the wind may be scary, and it may bring back pleasant memories, awaken imagination and hope.

The phrase "Wind of Change" still is a metaphor of social and political life. I decided to approach it literally, as an artist, and listen to the real wind. I recorded the sound of the wind in three cities: London, Moscow and Barcelona. These winds merged into a symphony of polyphonic voice of our world in which man and the elements coexist. The winds of different cities tell different stories, but they sound together to tell the story of humankind.
This story is both tragic and majestic, it has both sad and happy sides. And the winds of different cities have different sides to them. If we learn to listen to them and capture their voice, our world will become peaceful, beautiful and safe place, full of mutual respect and love.

My records of the wind, measuring noise levels

The wind noise expressed in figures seemed not graphic enough to me.

Any noise can be measured in decibels in order to visualize the power and strength of the wind. I analyzed all of my experimental recordings in decibels using a noise meter and correlated the noise levels with the number of angles in the stars. The result was the visualization of a natural phenomenon with the help of infographics.

Making the wind piano

When I recorded the sounds of the wind, I knew that the record has background noise that cannot be avoided. To enhance this effect in my piano, I have added an animated image of video noise in the background. When you press each piano key, the background changes simultaneously with the sound on the image with the star corresponding to decibels.

Visual systems

Having chosen this topic, I first researched the history of the theater building, with its repertoire, theatrical performances and attitude of the citizens to the theatre.
The slow and painstaking construction of the theater took place in the middle of the last century, and involved a lot of controversy related to the time and style which are still quite provocative and stir up disagreements among experts.
As you have probably understood, we are talking about the national theatre.

The shape of the building and its relationship with the style of the posters

The main idea of the work, as I saw it, was the brutality rendered a cult. This idea comes to you by itself as soon as you see the building of the theatre inside and out for the first time. It is a strong and solid impression which persists for a long time and determines all the solutions of this work. The main task is to convey the atmosphere of the concrete theatre, to make it clear where and how a performance takes place. The theater itself is monumental and geometric, both inside and outside. In my opinion, it is unusual for a theatre as we usually imagine it, so I decided to cling to this impression and make posters concise, perhaps even cold and rough.


My theme is related to the pathological behavior of the consumer society. To begin with, I estimated the maximum activity of the society and it became clear when people often make purchases. I realized that Christmas is the most illustrative example of when the consumer society comes to life, and so the decision arose to tie this social problem to the corresponding period of the year.

A set of postcards, in my opinion, saves from this disadvantage and brings the social idea closer to the recipient of the postcard. In addition, the postcard format and association with Christmas are very suitable for each other.

Christmas is a great holiday, a time to give and receive gifts, which symbolizes love and mutual care for each other. Texts and drawings on these postcards should not be aggressive, they should be kind and gentle to match the holiday.

This project is made not on behalf of any company engaged in the rehabilitation of shopaholics, for example. The project is made on my behalf and is of a warning and entertaining nature, so the overall tone of the postcards is festive and kind, without elements of condemnation.
My idea was also that postcards should seem ordinary Christmas-style and not carry a propaganda nature at first glance, so that people who saw the front of the postcard, or did not read the inscriptions on the back side would be sure that those are ordinary Christmas cards.