Chris Kou is a London based designer who has a passion in print, editorial, UI and UX design.
Voyager - The Jupiter Black Box

The twin Voyager spacecraft, over the course of a dozen years, drew back the curtain on nearly half of the solar system. From launch in 1977 through the spectacular parting shots of Neptune at the outer reaches of the solar system in 1989, this pair of spacecraft explored four planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune - as well as dozens of moons, and the rings and magnetic environments of those planetary systems.

The Black Box collection includes all the raw images taken by the Voyagers during their planetary mission, user can flip through each individual booklets whilst listening to the soundtrack tailored to each planet to fully immerse yourself to the Voyagers' journey, follow the user guide to find out more about the Black Boxes.

Inner pages printed on Colorplan Pristine White 100gsm. Cover printed on Canford Card Jet Black 300gsm.