When designing i always aim to keep the balance between extreme order and a playful approach to content depending on the brief. The work i enjoy most is creative editorials, where you set yourself a set of rules for what you are doing as a designer and then display the content either self created or provided by another to best showcase the work. I also enjoy creating pieces of work as you can see from my final major projects that illustrations has played a large role as has photography.
AXIS - Just Girly Things

Just Girly Things is a feminist publication that explore personal feminism in a light hearted, kitsch and girly way. The brief of axis required us to take on various roles for the creation of a publication, creative director, editor, graphic design, photographer and illustrator.

Visual Systems : Caryl Churchill Plays

In Visual Systems we were tasked with creating a series of posters for the plays of Caryl Churchill, who plays have strong feminist themes and often dark content. I approached this brief by finding common themes from the plays and creating an identity for the branding based on these common themes, hence the dark background and the pink and red text, which symbolises duality, conflict between the genders and feminism.

Industry Practise Project

For my Industry Practise unit i chose to focus on one designer, i chose Carl Kleiner, my research document was focused around an extensive interview with him, in which i tried to grasp his working method, how he approached work with clients and his relationship with the materials he uses. For the outcome, which was supposed to show what part of the creative industry we aspired to go into at that time, i chose the role of creative director and editor. The publication i created celebrated young creative of various notoriety, it included two interviews and an exhibition review.