Moving image more than anything else.

Multimedia graphic designer from Hong Kong, who is keen on moving image and collage. Works have adopted a wide range of colours and geometric shapes depicting the context in an abstract way.
Caryl Churchill / Tinted Lenses: Posters

A series of animated posters are created for Caryl Churchill, a famous play-writer's plays. Exploitation on women, the misconduct in society as well as the inequality of social status, are common topics within her plays.

A concept of tinted lenses is applied to symbolise the exploitation in society within her plays. The posters are focused on creating a system of distortion resembling the twisted nature. The size and amount spheres are to convey the status of the characters; meanwhile the distortion within the spheres implies the social problems. Listed as follows (Characters / Problems):

Vinegar Tom: Male-Dominated Society / Twisted Value
Far Away: Alone / Internal Fear
Top Girls: Heroines Climbing Upwards / Lost of Humanity
Love and Information: Multiple Persons / Fragmented Information

Caryl Churchill / Tinted Lenses: Collages

These are a series of collages to convey Caryl Churchill rationale. The contexts of the plays are visualised through collages and shapes.

Voyager: 20AUG1997

Voyager Mission is a program by launched by NASA. The twin spacecrafts (Voyager 1 & 2) are the fastest spacecrafts still in function at the moment and the furtherest man-made object travelled from the Earth. They have provided scientists with lots of important data about the outer space.

The editorial, 20AUG1977, is focused on the overview of the mission is created in Voyager 2's perspective. Instead of listing an array of facts in a 3-party angle, 20AUG1977 is in the form of a report as if collected by the probe itself. Based on the facts collected from NASA, I categorised the information, filtering into what the voyager observed day by day. The contents are the actual image seen and data gathered through time, such as distance from the planet and the mission date. The information are changing as the book progresses / the voyager moves.

Break Up Emotions

The project is about Break Up Emotions. It will focus on analysing different emotion periods, visualising the feelings. Feelings are always changing, contradictions, regrets, sentimental will all stitched together into the behaviour. There are a lot of processes happening in a person’s mind.

A motion graphics video is made to convey the varying process of the suffering. It takes geometric shapes to represent one's emotional state after breakup. The colours and shapes used are based on the data collected from interviews.
In a relationship: circle
Right after break up: angular shapes / square

The video is composed based on the square. Taking square as the main element, it has narrated the process and complexity of break up, and the sentimental thoughts.

Rebranding ZIZTAR: Proposal

A rebranding proposal for a fashion brand - ZIZTAR. ZIZTAR has adopted a diverse palette and patterns in their clothings. Focusing on the creativeness and imagination of the brand, a new logo is proposed. A free flowing cloth surrounded by floating patterns, conveys the potential in the clothings. The logo is further applied into the official website (mockup), creating a more dynamic visual identity for the brand.

"Let the clothings and patterns speak themselves"