Jaimus Tailor is a London based designer and artist with a passion for physical, functional design, illustration and print.

Voyager - Mission Overview

In 1977 the Jet Propulsion Laboratory launched the Titan IIIE rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida. On board the rocket were two of the most advanced spacecrafts ever built, each carrying an important message from Earth. The mission was set to be one of the greatest space missions ever, taking advantage of the once in a lifetime alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The planetary mission soon became an interstellar mission as both spacecrafts journeyed deeper into the unknown boundaries outside our solar system.

This 112 page coptic bound publication looks at the entire mission from the initial plans and discussions, to the spacecrafts current location and statistics. Printed on 120gsm Munken, embossed and vacuum sealed cover.

Form Follows Function

This coffee table is built around the famous quote from the American architect Louis Sullivan. The entire construction is made out of reclaimed materials, from wood pallets to offcuts of heavy duty bungee cord purchased online. In the digital age products are often made to serve multiple purposes, however by reducing an object to be mono-functional it purely exists as a solid object with a single function. The material choice of reclaimed wood emphasises as it is often perceived to be a mundane material. Cut and formed by nothing but simple hand tools it pays homage to the handcraft process that is often lost of forgotten in the digital age where laser cutters and CNC routers are dominant.