Multidisciplinary Designer with a focus on Branding, Editorial and Motion.
Fast Forward

Fast Forward is about the joy of discovering films for the first time. This issue acts as an introduction to gay film, touching upon the cultural, as well as, personal importance film can have on us. The magazine is VHS themed, paying homage to the history of film whilst allowing for a playful visual experience that encourages the reader to explore and discover as they travel through the publication. The way in which the magazine folds, allows the reader to continuously turn the pages until they reach the point they started, as if they are rewinding a VHS tape.

As well as taking on the roles of editor in chief and designer, I worked with contributors, created illustrations and authored copy. A mixture of production methods were used including laser cutting, riso and screen printing.

Brighton and Hove, City of Culture

For this project I designed a brand identity for a City of Culture, for which I selected Brighton and Hove. Visual story telling techniques were employed, whilst also creating an identity that's flexible in its application.

The theme of sea breeze and flags was used, thinking about what they represent in terms of freedom and pride, qualities synonymous with Brighton and Hove's culture.

Using the theme of sea breeze, a visual system was designed, in which text was manipulated by wind, this was first tested by printing onto material, and then developed into creating animations replicating this effect on Cinema 4D.

By pausing the wind struck text at different frames, the visual system is capable of making an identity in which some components are constant, whilst others are variable. The identity works as digital animations, to be applied to online content, however also
event posters, brochures and business cards were created by pausing an animation in which the information blew in the ‘sea breeze’, showing how an animated identity, can also work in print form.

Next Up

A shortlisted brand identity for the UAL Next Up event.

Next Up is an event held annually for design students across UAL's six colleges, with talks from industry professionals and several workshops, allowing final year students to explore career options after graduating.

The identity is based on transitions and processes, using digital transitions to represent the transition of becoming a graduate after studying.

Visual Summaries

Supporting research and development books for both Final Major Projects.