/Kia Gangadeen
Kia Gangadeen is a London based visual communicator specialising in the areas of editorial and page layout design design, photography and content design/creation. 

Colour inspires me, which shows in my work. My work tends to take the playful approach and photography has played a big role in my early creative career.
Industry Practice - Figure F Zine

For this project I designed a A5 book publication celebrating the different shapes and forms of the female body without the use of Photoshop to alter the true form. I used collaging techniques to create abstract and vibrant visual images accompanied by text of positive comments that promote self love and body acceptance. Along with the zine, I designed two A2 posters that promote the zine.

Axis - Sweet-Thang

This Axis project is about using visual information to categorise confectionary in a clear and fun way geared towards those who love sweet treats. The imagery inside the book is meant to deliberately present the personality of each sweet in the book. Inside the box there is also a vacuum formed tray where a selection of sweets waiting for the reader to finish the book and indulge after reading.

S.I.P - '4C Her' - Photo series

This self initiated project is surrounds the natural hair movement that has become popular in recent years. This portraiture photo series celebrates the beauty of natural hair and the importance of embracing what we were all born with, in this case, it's our crowns.