Interested in a systematic approach to graphic design and the exploration of typographic solutions, formed through an iterative and parametric design process.
Information narrative

A variable visual system devised to create a series of four distinctive posters. Each poster highlights one aspect of information so that they can work both individually, or – when seen together – form a whole.

Mission overview

The Voyager mission is introduced to grasp the notion of space travel. Consideration of a format’s role to narrate information results in a folding mechanism which builds upon basic data to explain one concept at a time.


Voyager transmissions were coded into binary form. The space of a page is utilized to showcase the mechanism of binary arithmetic, contextualising representation of all Voyager mission’s important dates as binary integers.

Visual summary

In the search for systematic principles, the main interest becomes the process itself, multiple moves, step-by-step progression. This is a record of the iterative design process of the two final major projects.

Industry practice

Response to an ISTD brief, the (typo)graphic project redefines what anniversaries are by thoroughly examining the Gregorian calendar. The modus operandi is broken down and explained on one side, while the newly defined ISTD anniversaries are communicated on the back.