/Leah Sinclair
Graphic Designer and Photographer with an interest in documenting and visual storytelling through Moving Image, Photography, and Mixed Media Design.
Escape The Everyday

Escape the Everyday is a fictional advert to promote the National Art Funds Art Pass as part of my Final major project SIP where I explored film/moving image and design. By using everyday scenarios as the subject and comparing them to art techniques, the advert aims to show audiences the possibility of being able to escape the everyday as an art pass holder and "See how the professionals do it". I created a main advert and two shorter versions to be used for time-restricted ad spaces.

Visual Systems

A series of posters and a digital screen sequence to promote four Caryl Churchill plays. I chose to represent the plays different themes collectively through the use of layers and the revealing of each play and new information. Using mixed media methods to achieve the final design, I experimented with both physical and digital methods to achieve the textures, rips, colours and final style.


Using photos from a personal photography series entitled "Hands". I explored different publication formats to document my photography in a more tactile format rather than digitally and on social media platforms. The final outcome was a 25-page concertina book with additional pull-outs to allow readers to interact with the book itself and to create a narrative between the photographs, which point in the direction of the pull-out image. To see the series in full please visit my website.