Graphic Designer in London with experience in editorial design and branding, with great enthusiasm for other areas in design, including video editing, information design and many more. I am eager to apply the skills that I have learnt so far from university and internships to my future work opportunities and in turn learn many new skills in the process.
Encoded Object

Digital /

The encoded object is my iPhone 6, a small, user-friendly and intuitive device. The final outcome targets the potentially exploitative nature of setting up an iPhone; a starting visualisation to help overcoming and circumventing limitations of systems by cataloging your data.


The Fire Station is a bold materialisation of visions, both functional and experimental alike. This photo-essay approaches the intimate, yet complex relationship between the concrete architecture of Zaha Hadid’s Fire Station and photography. I am compressing my physical and visual experience on sight into the medium photography, presented in a 25 x 25 cm editorial publication.