Mehak is a London based multidisciplinary graphic designer, specialising in editorial design and print. Mehak leans towards a craft - based approach, exploring new processes and methods from - printmaking, book arts, 3D curation and everything in between.
Material Type

The brief required me to create a physical piece of work which would enhance the meaning of a piece of text using ambitious materials and processes. The quotation chosen was by Oscar Wilde, ‘The True Mystery of the World is the Visible not the Invisible’. I decided to play around with the idea of visibility and invisibility using smart materials such as thermochromic and hydrochromic ink and layering on information and text to allow the user to solve and reveal the message in the format of a crossword puzzle.

Haptic Colour: The Colour Dictionary

People often perceive colour through their texture, their taste, attributes etc.. Colour cannot only be understood by our visual sense - but all of our senses combined. In this regard the tactility of an object becomes extremely important when we try to imagine colour. This project is a de - constructed editorial, exploring the relationship between ‘haptic' and ‘colour’. It is designed to take the user on a physical journey beyond the boundaries of colour and visualise its form in a different light.

Identity Crisis: The Construction of Self Identity & Consumer Behaviour through ‘Punchdrunk’s’ Immersive Experiences & The Rise of the Experience Economy

The designed thesis is a simple way a creating an experience for the user. The aim of this design is not portray a digital or virtual reality simulation or create a theatrical experience, but to show how something as simple as ‘playing cards’ are a common method in which users can immerse themselves into a different world, escape their reality and daily life for a short while. Games, whether they be video games or physical board games allow users to compete with others, use their senses and follow a set narrative created by the designer - all of which follow key themes and techniques utilised by Punchdrunk, discussed in my thesis.