/Mingxuan (Chris) Xu
Graphic designer and maker currently based in London. 'Jack of all trades', fancy edgy ways to generate experimental graphics, yet having a commercial spirit.

During placement year participated in live projects for various clients including Natural History Museum and Hakuhodo.
The Noise Printer

Utilising analogue signal and 3D printing tech, ‘The Noise Printer’ is an interactive device that transforms collected urban noise in London Holborn area into random drawings. The device and generated patterns aim to offer alternative perceptions for the public of viewing the noise pollution in the urban environment.

Memory Plays I: poster series

An interactive visual system and typeface designed to celebrate Harold Pinter's 'Memory Plays'. 'Memory motif' is the central element in the project, directly inspired by the characters and stories from Pinter's plays. Besides, a golden ratio typeface was designed to accompany the abstractions.

Memory Plays II: interactive poster

Inherited from the posters created for Harold Pinter’s ‘Memory Plays’, this interactive device offers the chance for the audience to interact with graphic design intimately. Through a brainwave detecting headset, the viewer is able to customise the poster using brainwaves and view their attention and meditation condition lively.

Interactive elements:
Circle shapes - attention value
Cross shapes - meditation value

Voyager: 141 AU in 1 second

The current distance between Voyager 1 and the sun is 141 astronomical unit. This lightbox based editorial series invites the audience to experience the spacecrafts‘ journeys and inspect the mission confidentially. Designed booklets are meant to layout on the lightbox and attach to the magnets, in order to view the clear information of mission timeline, data and shot photos in an engaging way.