Natalia Piasecka is a multidisciplinary visual artist specialised in art direction, editorial design, photography, moving image and fashion communication. Passionate about details and conceptual creation with a strong and individual approach to design.
Self-Initiated Project / STATEMENT

STATEMENT is a thought-provoking and revolutionary brand that redefines the role of fashion in a political and social context. The project questions the role of human body regarding the notion of protest. The key role in my design approach pays experimental typography which is often placed onto body where political slogans or statements become more intimate and personal. I developed various techniques and methods starting from 3D stamps, rubber stamps to digital projection to achieve desirable outcomes. Proposed collection will be inspired by. Situationist International movement and its theories behind the ideology.

Axis: Edit the World / OUTLAWS: Fragmented Reality

Outlaws is a hand-bound publication that explores skate scene the UK. Fragmented Reality refers to the narrative as the photographs used in my publication are fragmented which means they are sliced into pieces. Sometimes one photograph is used couple of times in different ways. Applied design approach reflects the roughness and energy that emerge from skate culture and blends London’s vibes with 70s graphics.