Originally from Paris, I moved to London to study graphic design. I’m a major cinephile that is equally passionate about the History of Art and believes that entertaining your audience is the key to effective communication. At night I dream of changing the world throughout our discipline. I love drawing and telling stories. In the future, I hope to work in advertising.
Frugal Fred

Frugal Fred is a transmediatic persona who brings together ecology and frugality. His message is very clear: your wallet can save the planet. Having your own tote bag, reusable bottle, cup, lunchbox or spork allows you to reduce your impact and save money.

Changing the way in which we talk about ecology was the first ambition of Frugal Fred. I developed a form of greenshaming, where Frugal Fred tackles consumers habits. Fred uses mocking rhymes to call consumers out on their wasteful or environmentally harmful habits.