Polo Sologub is a graphic designer and artist who specialises in editorial design, branding, illustration and motion. Their favourite working method is to collect and document patterns in everyday life or within their research interests such as queer culture, erotica, Pikachu fanart and senior wrestling. This usually takes shape in an editorial format. Image making is closest to their core and they enjoy a colourful and/or humorous approach.
Hankies 4 Pansies

'Hankies 4 Pansies' is a modern take on the hanky code, a queer cruising code that utilises coloured bandanas to indicate sexual preferences. The traditional paisley patterns are replaced with floral patterns that ambiguously decode the sexual acts that the colours refer to. The project arose out of an interest in queer signalling and the significance of online and offline queer community and love making in light of increased internet censorship. 'Hankies 4 Pansies' is a light hearted introduction to the hanky code for younger and older queer people who might not be familiar with it or need a refresher of the different meanings.

Queer Tattoos

'Queer Tattoos' is a collection of 83 tattoos that represent the identity of LGBTQ+ people of all ages around the world. It's a mixture of both known symbols and alternative tattoos accompanied with a range of stories. The publication provides an insight into queer visual culture and what aspects of the 'queer experience' people find significant enough to immortalise on their skin.

Forgotten Fragments

'Fragments' is a animated visualisation of the song 'Forgotten' by Andy Stott. Through analysing and animating each layer of the track, a moving mosaic pattern was created which visualises each beat and cue.