Hi, I'm Precious Rubio a young, eager and enthusiastic Graphic and Media Design Student at UAL:LCC. My work mainly focuses on typography, editorial design and branding.
Conditional Design : The Rubik's Cube

The system is the work of art; the visual work of art is the proof of the system. The visual aspect can’t be understood without understanding the system. It isn’t what it looks like but what it is that is of basic importance. - Sol Lewitt

Throughout this book, the notion of ‘Conditional Design’ is explored. It is a design methodology that determines a set of restricting rules for the process, as opposed to a plan that determines the final result of something.

This book uses the Rubik’s Cube as it’s subject that plays with chance, generative systems and is a ‘play’ method that provides possibilities for every creative person. The system is simple and easy, and also allows anyone to set their own rules and conditions that lead to unpredictable design outcomes or results.

SIP: Spatial Layering 'MA'

This project focuses on the combination of my interest in architecture and typography, by using structural designs used in architecture such as Spatial Layering, by adapting its techniques and methods to create a unique typographical design.

Spatial layering is a series of spaces, one behind the other, each divided from the other while still permitting your gaze to see into each of the spatial divisions. Layered space provides the feeling of a distinct division of two or more spaces while simultaneously joining them.

Material Type : 'WHITE'

The series of photographs are a visual representation of the quote ‘Emptiness is the possibility yet to be filled;’ expressed by Kenya Hara. This can be understood as a blank canvas and that it is up to our creativity or imagination to fill it in with endless possibilities.

The combination of the concept of ‘Ma’ (pause/void) and the essence of ‘White’ are explored throughout this project. These both relate to the origin of Japanese aesthetics as it symbolises simplicity and subtlety. These are then applied to the design process of this project, enhancing the meaning of the quote.

The photographs are accompanied by a booklet which is laid out as a schematic plan in which to aid the reader to understand the design system and the translation of the photographs. They will gain the knowledge and reasoning of the glasses on the photographs, therefore gives them a powerful typographic visual experience in which to realize how simple the design actual is, corresponding to the concepts of ‘Ma’ and ‘White’.