Originally having specialised in fine art, my specialism has developed into graphic design and illustration.

During my time at LCC I was awarded a Diploma in Professional Studies. This involved working in the industry for one year before finishing my degree. I was able to work on a range of roles working for people such as LAPP, ICON Magazine and Kindred agency, as well as taking part in many freelance opportunities.

Upon returning to LCC I realised my passion for illustration and how I can incorporate it in a way that works best. Illustration and graphic design are my passions that I want to pursue in my career.
Bath - City of Culture

I chose to promote Bath as a city of culture because I believe Bath has a lot more to offer than people see.

Somerset council released a economic plan that revealed how the economy is struggling due to young people studying or moving away from Bath. So my plan was to give young people a reason to come back.

I split the year of culture into four - each having a three month duration. Big Isn't Clever, Abbey and Mates, The Kids are Alright and History. The first season explored the small hidden treasures, the second looked into food and Bath's breweries, the third focused on new young talent from the surrounding universities and the final season homed in on Baths roots.

Industry Practice

I created a re-brand proposal for Five Guys as part of an exploration into the commercial illustration industry. I incorporated illustrations into the covent garden store to change the consumers UX, through murals, packaging and unique products.


I explored my OCD routine through animation.


To develop my style I illustrate daily, these are a few that I have done.