/Yelin Jin (Orange)

This is an branding project for a food shop that including logo design, packaging design and promotional book. Aim to out-stand the pure and nature concept.

Tesco Organic

From 2001 to present, the organic logo has changed several times but organic logo looks not unifying compare to other Tesco logo. I have learned a lot in this project, because I was struggling at the first with the colour and Tesco font. Obviously, organic is not have to green. Black and white leads more high- professional feeling. This one is inspired and develop with the blue bars which under the Tesco Logo. I want to convey professional, high-level, organic. Aim of solve the blurred original Tesco organic logo, rebranding it more attractive.

The Monument Valley

We did this project for two years from a studio in shanghai to the coast in Spain. This project corporate with other talented mates. I have shoot the exterior part in La Muralla Roja, Spain which is a fantastic experience.

Photography: Yelin Jin (Orange)
Model: Lily / Keryfree
Location: La Muralla Roja (Spain)