I’m a London-based multidisciplinary designer with an interest in editorial design, motion graphics and information design. My process is heavily influenced by my commitment to using data and tangible evidence in my work, in which inspires experimental but focused visuals.

A handcrafted approach to editorial and book design contrasts with my main specialism in motion design and data visualisation which when paired together, creates a unique collection of digital and print media.
Voyager - The solar system portrait

This editorial was created to represent the journey of the Voyager spacecraft through the depiction in the solar system portrait. The type placement and rotation shows the rotation of the Voyager through the portrait and mimics the use of squares with the shape and the bitmap illustrations.

Printed with risograph, the colour palette represents the filters used to show the planets in the photograph. The book was bound my hand using coptic binding.

Encoded GPS

A project based on encoded my GPS is presented with 3 seperate outcomes; a publication, an acrylic lasercut sign piece and a HTML site with instructions to create another version of the publication.

​This project revolved around data visualisation and how I could present a month worth of my GPS data into an abstract line publication.

Visual Summary

A collection of photographs, data collection and experimentation that has been conducted with the Voyager and Encoded projects. The design theme of the publication was simplistic and minimal with elements of bold colour that compliment my projects and my overall brand.