My design practices mainly focus on motions, filmmaking, photography, and objects. The subjects I work on are usually related to audio-visuals, urban culture, and fashion communication.

I enjoy working in both systematic methods and emotion-driven ways. Always looking for more engaging visuals to reach our deeper perception.
The Journeys Through Space and Time

Is time going forward and getting more and more faraway from the origin? Or is time going around and around, and might meet the former at some points?
Will time always bring us something new and leave the past behind? Or will time iterate experiences and make us dense and massive?

The Journeys Through Space and Time is a project exploring a set of generative systems to visualize journeys of a lift in a three dimensional visual language, and aims to reflect on the different aspects of time: the length of time and the density of time. It features a collection of systematic while dynamic 3D printed spiral models generated from the data recorded in a lift’s journeys.

From these two kind of spirals, audience'll learn how time 'looks' like, and reflect on the conventional images of time.


Here's showing all the project experiments process from the beginning to the end. You will see how I started with a lift and end up with the appealing spirals.


Following the text based instructions of these two generative systems, you could also hack in the lifts and generate your own spirals of time.

Lost in South

With a complex context combining psychogeography, city sonic experience, and audio visualization, and the research background of Southwark regeneration, the project “Lost in South” is an audio-visual map of North-Southwark areas, presented as abstract motion graphics animations synergizing the audio recorded from North-Southwark areas.

The aim is to map the diverse city landscapes by feelings and perceptions of the sounds experienced in different areas. Through the breakdown of the conventional function and visual leading map, this sense driven map will leave the audience more imagination and poetic of the places, giving them a new angle to reflect on the diversity of city environment.


A collection of audio-visual postcards not only recording a moment of the places but also containing the sounds and moods of the places. It's designed responding to the audio-visual map in large-scale projection.
AR technique supported by Artivive app.

Tadow (Unofficial) _ Industry Practice Project

Motion graphics video for Tadow by FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) and Masego.
I love their improvisation, the saxophones are so nice.
If you like modern jazz, these two guys need to be heard.

This video is my first fully abstract motion graphics music video, mainly aims to experiment in 3-D abstract visual languages, and to practice the synchronization of audios and visuals.