My work aims to take a critical stance, using typography, print and materiality to create interaction and engagement with each project's content.
The structure of simplicity & complexity

The words ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ are often misused in design. Using letterforms and their legibility, these specimens explore the relationship between simple and complex structures and their methods of communication.

The structure of simplicity & complexity — visual summary

A visual overview of the project's development, embodying the essence of the project itself.

Case of Curiosities vol.1

A letterpress and lithographically-printed publication archiving and repurposing printer’s blocks collected by typographer and letterpress master Alan Kitching.

Lateral Thinking worksheets

Through creating a Lateral Thinking learning material, the design behind educational items was challenged. Production methods were repurposed to find an approach which aids learning through combining type with materiality.

Designed Thesis

Experimental Typography and Post-Digital Technological Convergence: Are pre-digital processes losing their distinct methods and values amidst the emergence of digital shortcutting?