Cath Evangelista is a London-based multidisciplinary designer who specialises publication and editorial design with great interest in other areas of design; video editing, interactive design, typography and illustration. She is driven predominantly by curiosity and is inventive with inquiring mind who can identify, analyse and solve problems.
The Last Minute Panic

The Last Minute Panic is an interactive piece focusing on rediscovering the most effective way to enhance text through material and experimentation. The idea behind the Wire Loop Game is to let the user experience the stress and panic contextualised in the text.

The maze is designed to be smooth and lengthy at first, representing procrastination. Then ‘Last minute panic’ section is when the user actually does work and tries hard to play it on a time limit of 3 minutes, representing the deadline. If you can’t finish within the time limit, you fail, but if you do, you pass!


Photorithm (Algorithmic Photography) is a new technique developed to experiment with photography using the Rubik’s cube’s algorithms. The instructions are to choose a distinct Rubik’s cube pattern then follow the algorithm resulting in the creation of a photographic collage.

The yoke is the centre piece of the Rubik’s cube that connects all of the cubies. The yoke is the photographer. The cubies are the subject. The pattern is the individuality. The algorithm is the journey. The collage is the relationship of the photographer and the subject. Each photograph taken is the experience.

Visual Summary

The visual summaries I created for my projects. In every project, I always find myself starting on the visual summary before the final outcome. I find layouts sensitive and intricate and needs total concentration.