Graphic designer, photographer, writer, musician, magician (and former Adidas Originals intern).
4x4 - A Music Video

‘4×4’ is a music video and song by Charlotte Joseph. The song was based around the idea and fear of growing older and still living in your childhood bedroom due to lack of money. In the music video, the teddy bear character comes home from work and throughout the night is continuously taunted by The Devil who takes the teddy bear through the “rituals to success” before bed time. The idea was inspired by a short film entitled ‘The Birthday Party’, directed by Annie Clark and the want to create a short film which exists in a surreal world.

The Teddy Bear

These are teddy bears made from bag for life bags of various British supermarkets - Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco. They were hand stitched and filled with toy stuffing and is made to call on nostalgic feelings of childhood using supermarket brands. Inspired by the IKEA Effect in which the act of making the objects yourself makes you love it more than a pre-assembled object.