Highly critical and analytical, I pride myself on creating outcomes that challenge preconceptions and aim to raise new questions.

Multi-disciplinary with a penchant for the experimental, my work ranges seamlessly across mediums (editorial, print, object, digital, video), as the outcomes dictate the format I work in.

Designed as a response to the paradoxical nature of binary digits, 256 sequences of 8 black and/or white rectangles have been divided into eight booklets, creating an endless amount of possible results (18,446,744,073,709,550,000, to be exact).

1,024 binary towers

A 3D exploration of binary digits' potential expressed through a system of modular blocks that gain meaning through their relationships to one another.

Source code

Explorations of potentiality through the limitations imposed by the use of black and white rectangles.

Non-visual senses

A publication that challenges the assumption that “a picture is worth 1000 words” by showcasing a collection of essays addressing themes and issues through non-visual senses, using a grid system designed to enhance the texts.

The meaning of life

A proposal for an immersive, experiential exhibition designed to prompt discussions surrounding differences in cultures and faith systems when confronted to themes of life and death. The exhibition is designed in two parts: a motion-sensitive hallway that plays various sound recordings in a medley of languages and a documentary-type film projected across the four walls of the central room.

'House of Leaves' and the narrative experience

The relationship between structure and content in narrative texts is investigated through a case study of Mark Z. Danielewski's 'House of Leaves'. Designed as a physical reading experience, this hand-bound thesis contains different paper stocks for each chapter and embossed braille title pages.