London based graphic designer with a strong passion for editorial design and typography. Her approach to communication design lies in a critical analysis and research into the subject matter. As well as the visual aspect of design, Giuditta curates the content of her projects, by editing and art directing information into a navigable sequence. Her aim to create a dynamic and innovative visual experience for the reader.
NOF4 - Asylum Artist

The publication explores the work of Oreste Fernando Nannetti, an Italian artist whom lived for over 20 years behind the walls of the Psychiatric Hospital of Volterra. During his permanence he carved into the walls of the asylum with the metal buckle of his jacket and he produced a hand-crafted book of stone which stretched across seventy metres. In his text he talks about an imaginary world where he is in contact with the supernatural.

Looking Closer - A Catalogue of Critical Writings in Graphic Design

A redesigned version of some chapters selected from the Looking Closer series, to educate young designers about responsibilities in design. By highlighting the most significant sentences within the writings, I have tried to recreate a new complete and updated graphic design manifesto.

IP Process Book

The process book that aims to showcase the design process behind the Looking Closer book and to investigate my interests into the design industry.

Thesis Artefact

Graphic design universities train students to work with type, image and layout for the development of the skills needed to produce visually appealing compositions. They also introduce students to visual communication theories, so as that they can start contextualizing their work into bigger topics. However, it has now become much more important to support students to make connections between the two areas of design. The undergraduates need to perceive these two components as one, if they want to be recognized as successful visual problem-solvers.
This thesis aims to investigate theories about graphic design education, by taking the Graphic & Media Design Course at London College of Communication as the main focus.

Voyager Planetary Mission

An overview into the Voyager Planetary Mission