I am a multi-discipline artist who thinks outside the box, brands the box and then design it for aliens.

With a passion for illustration, branding, and pattern making, I like to always challenge myself by critically analysing my projects to produce aesthetically pleasing and creative outcomes.
Grow Your Own Earth!

"Grow Your Own Earth!" is a fascination with the Voyager mission's Golden Records and the spacecraft itself being a capsule; a vestige of Earth for potential extraterrestrial life to discover in the future. It uses the idea of Earth as a 'tourist' destination for space travel and the idea of creating souvenirs or promotion for Earth as an attraction. Thus, inspired by the retro-futurism/1950s/1960s style, "Grow Your Own Earth!" is a mock toy packaging, aimed at alien children and features misused 'Hooman' phrases and highlights how insignificantly small Earth is.

City of Culture - Brentwood Festival

Brentwood's name originates from the name 'Burnt Wood' due to the clearing of Epping Forest and the production of charcoal in this area. To this day, Brentwood is still a town rich in natural environments. Thus, from this seed of an idea, charcoal mark-making as well as textures taken from the Brentwood woods are used to brand the beauty of the town.