/Julia Shevchenko

Specific area: Typography

Locutionary is the fictional word, which has been created for the Self Initiated Project. The structure: Locutio means pronunciation, suffix ary refers to literacy.
The project is based on the exploration on the benefits of roles and letter-forms between two alphabets (Cyrillic and English) Through my research I found out that some uppercase letters such as A, M, and P that is included on both alphabets look exactly the same, although sounds differently.

How do Saturn's rings look like?

If we could come closer to Saturn’s rings, How might they look like?

My work is based on American scientific project, Voyager. It is a program that employs two spacecraft Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 to explore Jupiter, Saturn and Saturn’s rings. Inspired by data from the Voyager mission, such as scientists describe the rings as ‘icy snowballs or ice rocks’ the four boxes feature visual representations of how Saturn Rings might look. Each box is the representation one of the rings.