/Kateryna (Kate) Shevchenko
I am a keen graphic and motion designer interested in interactive design. Most of my works mostly are digitally based, however I do enjoy experimental publishing and typography. I started back in 2015 when I finished my Foundation Course in Camberwell College of Arts after which I decided to go to LCC to continue studying graphic design. At that period I was involved in a range of projects and had a chance to work with different clients ranging from restaurants to private parties. I have been working with digital media since 2016 and so far have mastered Adobe After Effects and MadMapper. Currently my sphere of interest includes Cinema 4D and Unity where I am trying to bring my outcomes to the next level and put more of interactivity in my practice.

I also took part in some London based exhibitions, including such events as InPrinciple (2016) and Olympus Photography Award 2018 (2018).
Material Type: Interactive Typography

‘Digital design is like a painting, except the paint never dries’ Neville Brody. The idea was to create an interactive piece that could be changed by the people who use it. I developed an interactive installation piece that could be changed by people who use it. By pressing a button (screen printed on a plate) they send a signal to an Arduino computer that communicates it to a laptop and a projector. The software used to control the projection was MadMapper.

Voyager: Publication

The task:

The first outcome had to be an editorial with mission overview, and the second outcome had to be a design response for a particular part of the mission.

Outcome 1:

For the Voyager publication, my personal challenge was not to create another editorial infographics, but to make a book that would illustrate the time when Voyagers were launched. The researcher’s sketchbook turned out to be unexpected, but very interesting and experimental format to work with. The pages were colored manually to make them look older and binded together in a quite free, but organized way by a metal clip.

Voyager: Poster + App

This is an interactive poster with QR stickers that are supposed to be put by those who use it. They lead to a website with more information about the mission.

Digital Portrait

The task: to choose one person from the list, do some research and develop a digital outcome that would represent his/her personality.


I chose to do this project on Alfred Wainwright, a famous guide and a book writer. Particularly, I was struck by the phrase he described his last walk: ‘That was the last time I did Fell Walk. And the mountings wept tears for me on that day. ’ And this defined the look of the final outcome.

As a result I produced an exhibition environment based on his sketches. Developed from the flat black and white images, an animation represents his decay and a light sorrow he would never be able to walk again among his beloved hills.

SIP: Virtual Reality

The exploration of architecture and the way it might cause some phobias. As I result I created a 360 video that could be played with special glasses.