Katrina is currently base in London and originally from Hong Kong. She is passionate in graphic design, especially in branding identity and typography. She is always inspired by the city and nature, and always attempting to present abstract ideas in its simplest form.
Oxford - City of Desire

City of Culture is aimed to promote and encourage cultural events in Oxford which could bring huge social and economical benefits.

After conducting field research, it is found that the modern architecture in Oxford develops in respect of the scale and grain of the historical architecture while adapting the present needs. Hence, the top view of the city is adopted to develop a functional grid to present the close relationship among the architecture.

Soil Mate

This project is responsed to a school brief under the category of social design.

“Identify your community of practice within the area of graphic and media design. Produce a final outcome showcasing the materials, techniques, and/or processes identified with that community of practice.”

After reflecting on my previous design works, I consider my personal practices as: (1) I embrace experimental Ideas, (2) I am always inspired by the simple elements from nature, and (3) I use to start every project with a piece of paper. Soil Mate is designed to apply my personal practise in a group practise. The concept is to explore graphic design through experimenting with the fundamental tool of it - paper. Through the process of experimentation, every detail of a paper is being explored, for instance the texture, color, scent and weight of the paper. The project also addressed the power of nature in creation. Hence, Soil Mate is fabricated to create something refreshing and sustainable through experimentation with expired vegetable.