/Lilli Wilkinson Chambers
Lilli's work moves away from the traditional constraints of graphic design and instead opts to explore human-centered design with a focus on research. They often work within the subjects of menstrual health, sex and relationship education, driven by a want to create co-educational spaces to facilitate open conversation and exploration of shared experiences.
Self Initiated Project - Light + Heavy

Light + Heavy hope to make space to acknowledge different bodies and their experiences. We hope to help by facilitating talking and sharing our lived experiences of menstruating bodies. Allowing space for questions and opening up the conversation beyond the social construct of gender boundaries. Light + Heavy is an open concept which currently functions as a facilitator of workshops and participatory spaces with a focus on menstrual + sexual health. We hope to manifest and change our output as needs change. Our initial launch was a taster workshop which involved a casual discussion lead by our founder: Lilli. We shared our thoughts on menstruation and what was missing from how we learned about bodies + sex.

Encoded Object - Utopia

This project explores storytelling and the concept of collective woven stories which transcend past, present and future. The project involved researching different perspectives of utopia.