two principles I follow in my work: attention to detail is key to great design; thorough research is what makes design long-lasting. in my practice I focus on editorial design, branding and typography. I am particularly interested at how typography shapes brands.
industry practice

for this unit I proposed the rebrand of a Munich–based craft brewery. after an extensive research of the beer industry and branding of other craft breweries, the solution envisioned a typographic focused brand combined with striking colours. the grotesque and a fraktur fonts create a strong contrast and hint at the brewery’s cultural heritage.

visual systems

a series of four posters announces a season of plays by Harold Pinter. the posters follow a system inspired by a card game.

self initiated project

Zeitfenster Display: a typeface inspired by time zones and air travel. the typeface was constructed following specific rules derived from the time zone system used across the world, it is intended as for display (i.e. headlines, short phrases) and functions particularly well when used to type codes or abbreviations (such as airport codes). to showcase the typeface, a B2 poster was created which folds down to a small booklet (hence it is a poster on one side, and a booklet on the other). the posters show possible flight itineraries with details on duration and time zones. the grey stripes on the background illustrate time zones (with UTC + 0 being white). the further away from UTC + 0 the darker the stripes get. airport codes are arranged according to their location.