Graphic designer with a strong interest in editorial, type and art direction based in London.
Having assisted Alan Kitching for 5 months, I developed more specific design interests which question the contemporary practice of graphic design. Working in a print workshop alongside a letterpress expert formed my interest and passion for print finishing, detail and uniqueness.
This approach expanded during apprenticeships in studios such as Design by Atlas and Pentagram where I strengthened my skills in communication, management and gained understanding of brand thinking and development.
Visual System Research

Publication of the visual research for the development of a visual system. The final designs are four posters announcing a series of plays written by Caryl Churchill. The research and experimentation are combined in this blind embossed edition.

Visual System

Development of a system for four posters designed for a series of plays written by Caryl Churchill.

Voyager Mission Overview

Design of three posters offering an overview of the Voyager mission at a glance. Each poster focuses on one element of the mission (the spacecraft, the timeline and the content on the Golden Records). A visual language was developed and led to white on black printing experimentation which suited the notion of space, exploration and discovery.

Sounds of Void

Installation proposal for the White Cube Gallery in Bermondsey. The piece is an experience design which questions the sensations and sounds in space. The installation works with the sounds recorded by the Voyager Spacecrafts alongside an LED structure.

The proposal is structured in three booklets, one for the host, the second for the producers and the third for the visitor, all bound in a foil embossed publication.