Focusing on editorial and information design, Oliver is fascinated by tough problem solving with interesting data. He enjoys simplifying complex information down to a digestible format, using illustration and unique data visualisations as well as storytelling. He also has a love for typography, and is multi-disciplinary in approach; valuing an understanding of a range of tools and processes depending on the job at hand.
Voyager: Mission Overview

This project charts the paths of the Voyager spacecraft on their journeys to the outer planets, spanning four decades and counting. Designed like an operations manual, this editorial features easy to read infographics and comparisons of the mission’s achievements to previous attempts. Information contained within includes spacecraft specifications, discoveries and the legacy of the mission – both in terms of science and symbolism.

Visual Systems - Projected Posters

This project’s aim was to create a typographic 4 poster system advertising a fictional series of plays by Caryl Churchill. Working with strict limitations, a gradual iterative process revealed the final pieces. Themed on the balance of power, Oliver built a 3D model to physically push type around – projecting designs on top.

True Colour Politics System

Inspired by the popular “Political Compass” chart, this system is a tool designed to educate users about the political spectrum. Using print and digital, the system becomes an interactive discovery of the complicated world of politics by using familiar figures as an anchor, and unfamiliar ones as a point of reference for further research.

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