/Sibo Wang
Visual Systems: Posters of Harold Pinter’s Memory Play

I used black and white style illustration to visualize the scenes in the four plays. And I use chairs as the core visual elements to summarize the story of the four dramas. For example, in the Betrayal poster, I use the position of the chairs to show betrayal relationships between the characters in the play.

Brand Desire: Brighton City of Culture

This project is Brighton city of culture. I chose to use pebbles as a visual identity of the city of culture of Brighton because the characteristics of pebbles can represent Brighton's core cultural connotations. First of all, the pebble beach is a unique landscape of Brighton. Second, each pebble has a different size, shape, color and pattern, which represents the difference. It can represent people with different skin colors, cultural backgrounds, or sexual orientation, or it can directly represent different cultures. A pebble is an independent individual, and when tens of thousands of pebbles come together, Brighton’s culture is created.