I’m Simone Di Fresco, a graphic designer experienced in printed and digital media, always focused on the consumer’s engagement.

Familiar with front-end development, I have worked on web and application design, UI/UX design, marketing, printed advertisement, brand and logotype design, and creative writing and illustration.

Outspoken, versatile, and eager to learn and innovate. Keenly interested in UI/UX [video games] and in teaching.
gaze at this - an expandable catalogue of masculinity

The Encoded Object: Choose an object, do quantitative and/or qualitative analysis, make a set of instructions involving the data gathered, make digital and physical outcomes from the instructions.
The analysed object is the human penis. Represented, studied, and used from the inception of humanity, the symbol of the phallus is criticised now more than it has ever been. This booklet celebrates it with brass and serious levity, describing and representing both its physical and figurative attributes, with relative interactive sections for the user to draw it, study it, and have some serious fun.

The random penis values generator ("Spin the Willy") is available at [https://spinthewilly.tumblr.com]
A copy of the booklet is available on request.

EQ ITY - The Magazine You Don't Want to Read

Axis - Edit the World: Produce an editorial that is focussed on a specific area of interest—designed and edited by you.
The final outcome is the first issue of a low-budget, truly independent social/political magazine for UAL students. It particularly focuses on the management and corruption of their Students' Union and the ideology governing the administration of the University itself. Additionally, a variant [limited] edition of the same issue features UAL colours [cyan/magenta] and an alternative cover art.

This project required extensive primary research alongside the production of all text, illustrations, layout, printing, and distribution.

A digital copy is available at [https://issuu.com/simon_diff/docs/eq_ity_0-1_regular].
Physical copies on request.

x. - The Discriminatory Nature of Mainstream Social Design Methodology and its Role in the Institutionalisation of Discrimination

or: How I Learned to Stop Feeling Oppressed and Love the White Man

Thesis [10,000 words] - Contextual and Theoretical Studies
This thesis considers the evolution of contemporary mainstream Social Design methodology in regards to its principal tackled issues. It offering an explanation as to why it is failing so egregiously in historical, societal, and philosophical contexts, and offers a viable alternative philosophy to apply if the intent is truly that of resolving conflicts.

A copy of the thesis is available on request.

Houndr - Hide-and-Seek of the Future

Map and Hack: Examine how an app interface and its overall graphic identity can be developed as a means of wayfinding to implement innovative social design problem-solving.
The final outcome consists of an interactive mobile app prototype for a geolocation-based AR game [way before Pokémon GO was announced], and relative design document, brand identity, and flatplan. The game pairs nearby players and pitches them against each other in a geo-fenced game of hide-and-seek. Advertisement is consequentially paired with local offers.

The interactive prototype [desktop friendly/installable on all mobile devices supporting touch gestures] is available at [https://invis.io/BV5RL942W]
A copy of the design document is available on request.