I’m a London based designer who works in a range of practices including Branding, Editorial, Information and Strategy Design with an overarching consideration for Social Design.

This magazine has been created with the content at the forefront of the design and focuses on Senegal, West Africa. The editorial brings some of the creative culture of the community to its reader with articles written by a variety of designers. This magazine highlights the creative elements, the connection creativity holds with daily life and how it is often influenced by a culture and location.

Areas of Design: Social Design, Print , Book Arts , Research, Photography, Editorial Design, Art Direction


This was a live brief where I was asked to discover a way for YWW to expand and engage with the creative community, primarily the youth of this community.

My concept was to create a community based website directed to the creative industry. It will be targeting creatives across the world, primarily aimed at graduates and young professionals in order increase their confidence and aspirations. This project was primarily research based and discovered the main concerns for students of creative subjects as a way to insure that the outcome will be relevant, helpful and supportive.

Areas of Design: Social Design, Print, Research, Editorial Design, Strategy Design, Infographic Design

Women in Design

I have found that the creative industry sees an imbalance between women and men in senior roles although a much larger proportion of women study creative subjects throughout university. This piece shows my research into the question as to why this may be and asks women in a range of creative jobs how they feel about this statistic.

Areas of Design: Strategy Design, Infographic Design, Social Design, Print, Book Arts, Research