Tomas Clarkson is a graphic designer and art director based in London with a strong focus on tactile experiences and experimental type design.

After working at various design studios such as Bureau Mario Lombardo and Edenspiekermann he returned to study at the London College of Communication where he formed a partnership with fellow type-enthusiast, Armel Bellec and started PLUSMINUS, a collaborative design practice.

Together they work on client and personal projects, which can be found at WWW.PLUSMINUS.STUDIO
Voyager Scarf

Forty years ago, the Voyager spacecraft left Earth to begin their missions. Mounted upon them were two golden records, containing images of humanity and sounds of the earth. In the hope that one day, an extra-terrestrial life-form may find them.
Like tapestries would tell of battles fought and stories of mythical creatures, these woven scarves give a glimpse of life on Earth and contain images that were sent out on the records all those years ago. The front features one of the recorded greetings on the record, written in binary form. It says “Greetings to our friends in the stars. May time bring us together.”

Archiv Grotesk

A typeface inspired by various visits to the Stanley Kubrick archives and stylistically formed through the game of chess.
From hustling people in Washington Square Park, to the film-changing game between HAL 9000 and David Bowman in 2001, Kubrick's love for the game is never far from view. Using possible combinations of moves to influence angles in the typeface I expanded this to 3 weights. If you are interested in testing it, please visit my typefaces page.

Voyager Mission Overview

Forty years ago, the Voyager spacecraft left Earth to begin their missions. This book gives a brief overview into their incomplete histories. Through the form of the book as a timeline, each page symbolising 50 days since the start of the mission, the story unfolds. Featuring images taken by both spacecraft, as well as essays on the forgotten women who helped power and plan the missions. 384 page hardback book with curved spine. Foil embossed cover on bookcloth.

Working Class Ballet

Final year thesis for London College of Communication, Graphic and Media Design. The thesis explores the idea of ownership, nostalgia and identity within football communities and football culture, and the result of the gentrification of the sport. Printed on a 152cm wide flag.