/AJ Walsh
A designer with a strong creative vision coupled with precision in execution — I’m passionate about my craft and enthusiastic in learning new techniques and processes.

With a skillset that includes programming, interactive, motion, 3D and editorial design — I use pertinent research as the backbone to informed and conceptually relevant design decisions.
Magnetic Voyager

One Voyager objective was to discover whether Uranus and Neptune had magnetic fields. This installation uses a sensor to visualise live magnetic data emitted by the Earth and nearby objects.

Voyager Editorial

An informative visual journey through the Voyager mission, highlighting the details of the iconic space probes and their many breathtaking achievements.

The Encoded Object

In electronics, a breadboard is an outlet for building electronic circuits featuring rows of holes that enable you to connect components together. It’s the geometric equivalent of a blank canvas, a simple object with the capacity to realise intricate ideas. When used with an Arduino the breadboard becomes a powerful tool for live data collection through a variety of inputs called sensors, which can be anything from a thermometer to a magnetic field detector. Sensors work by reducing the amount of electrical current that passes through them; it’s how the data is interpreted that enables us to make sense of the readings. My ‘Encoded Object’ project adapts this concept to the eld of design through a generative system; taking an initial input and running it through a process of reduction it order to create the desired outcome.