I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer who specialises in the creation of brand identities and UI design.

In addition to a degree I have been awarded a Diploma in Professional Studies for an additional year of work in the industry undertaking a range of roles in both London and Berlin. During this time I produced national ads for Amazon and had my work featured in major magazines such as National Geographic.

Projects in fast-paced environments such as these and in the challenging briefs assigned by the university have strengthened my skills and have enabled me to be able to produce high quality work in a variety of print and digital formats.
Romford - City of Culture

A fluid brand identity for Romford which revolves around its rich history as a market town. The brand captures the personality of the area and conveys the aspirations of the town for the future. The old inspires the new.

For this project a variety of print and digital outcomes were produced as well as a custom typeface inspired by the structure of a market frame.


Exhibit is a platform for creative graduates that assists in the process of finding work in the creative industry.

Exhibits vision is to connect graduates in creative study to jobs in their field of industry, by acting as a platform exclusively for applying to creative careers. It aims to connect graduates and employers on a social and professional level. I have produced all the promotional material as well as the platform itself as shown in the images and videos below. The videos are separated into two user journeys - one for graduates and the other for studios.

Natural History Museum Rebrand - Augmented Reality

A pitch presentation for a fluid rebrand of the Natural History Museum that incorporates augmented reality technology.

The brand is flexible in the way that it is able to take a variety of forms yet still be recognisable. As a result of its flexibility, it can advertise current events, help raise awareness of recent research findings and attract younger visitors. All of which are beneficial to the museums purpose of education.

The augmented reality technology brings the variations of the brand to life and engages a younger audience through gamification. Visitors to the museum are able to download the app and see the Natural History Museum logo come to life in a variety of ways and will be awarded for their discoveries.