Roxanne Poynter’s approach to graphic design is multidisciplinary
and her work promotes exploration into areas such as typography,
book arts, photography, branding and print (screenprinting/letterpress).

Developing many in-depth reiterations of darkroom prints specifically exploring the topology of outputs using this cameraless darkroom process.

That the detail of an object which is natural, found and fallen (from a bird) can be turned into a series of interesting and original visuals.

Visualising Data

This project was set to expand our understanding on various design principles. I wanted to push my knowledge on data visualisation. The project here involved, accumulating information on the amount/location of rubbish gathered on one street for a month, identifying certain patterns and turning them into visual data. The outcome was not only digital, but an printed piece where a pull out poster was presented, with all the data on the back.


Typit is a condensed editorial, each month it focuses on the typographic principles of the featured designer. Then introduces their ideals, through a series of interpreted typographic adaptations. This response presents language as a designed representation of what it means.