/Rosie Martin
24 jpegs

I distributed 12 disposable cameras to 12 friends and asked them to shoot 24 images of whatever they saw in front of them over a period of 2 days (12 shots to be captured on the hour each day). I wanted to highlight the concept that we never live the same day twice and explore the impossible outcome of two rolls of film coming back to me with the same content. The generation we live in is full of constant comparison so I wanted to emphasise and celebrate uniqueness and accepting individuality as a positive thing. I chose the to distribute the cameras to all the same generation to draw attention to uniqueness despite all being the same age. The way in which people shot I found fascinating to observe and analyse because the brief I gave them was so vague and up to interpretation. I also chose to not solely stick to Londoners as I wanted to have international content to add diversity.