/Lily Duong
With every opportunity I have taken so far and will continue to take, I will forever have the open mind set of a student, always willing to learn whilst having fun.

I am a creative soul who achieves well by focusing on portraying my personality through my work. I like to connect with others by allowing them to observe and interpret the purpose of my final outcomes. It is always interesting to hear what people decipher from my work, that is why I design.
Voyager Mission - To infinity & beyond [Part 1]

A project that expresses the deep value of the Voyager mission conducted in 1977, the first half of the brief required an editorial outcome that aimed to explain the Voyager Mission.

Voyager Mission - To infinity & beyond [Part 2]

The second half of the Voyager brief allowed us to take on an abstract interpretation of what Space means to us.

Inspired by the hallucinogenic vibes of Space, I manipulated and produced images reflecting my own experience of psychedelics, showcasing how our feelings express how we see things and vice versa.

Let's take a trip to a parallel universe together?

AXIS - Wise Youth

Taking on a visual approach for my own self-reflection and growth, this project deals with the expression of how one copes with the idea of change of growing up in a superficial world.

I used makeup and photography to express the deeper emotions visually, enticing viewers to go through a journey of understanding the contrast of using our features and visuals to showcase our insecurities, from the inside out.