Multidisciplinary graphic designer based in London with a strong focus on branding, editorial design and typography, with a craft based approach.
City of Culture

A flexible brand and identity for Brighton as a UK City of Culture, celebrating its vibrant spirit, creativity and diversity. An outcome presents my experimental approach to typography and mixed media applications, which are often recognisable in my works.

Bright Night

An additional component of a 'City of Culture' brief - a 'Bright Night' event advertising as an environmental piece consistent with brand aesthetic.

High Rise

Artistic tribute to my beloved architectural style. A physical language piece that literally and figuratively shed light on disappearing brutalist architecture. A metaphorical symbol of controversy around brutalism and housing.

Gentrification Tales

An outcome for my critical investigation into the subject matter of gentrification, with a focus on disseminated information. Experimental editorial design approach is a result of my careful research and contains references to Jan Van Toorn works and ideology of Situationist International. The final poster presents visually translated information as an alternative and more accessible way of communicating often misled news.