The National Theatre : A series of Harold Pinter play's

The three faces are layered over one another. Robert (the man on the far right) in a state of humored disbelief. Emma in the middle looking guilty. Jerry on the far left looking frustrated and annoyed. Though we are not actors, I think we did our best to convey these emotions.

A story of two men form different worlds bonding over a night of drinking and sharing their experiences.

Having the faces back to back instead shows that they are not focusing on one another. This is important to have with in the poster, as the play is essentially a series of monologues.

As the chairs symbolise the three characters I wanted to film these three characters seated in their chairs.

CANDOUR Magazine

Vogue is often referred to as the fashion bible. But has it lost its touch under the reign of Alexandra Shulman, who has admitted to a lack of interest in fashion, for 25 years. Under the new editor, Edward Enninful, is there a new dawn for Vogue?

Vogue has celebrated 126 years since it’s conception in 1892 by Arthur Turnure. But it also came under fire for its lack of diversity late last year. When doing research through a survey it became clear a great number of those who took part in my survey don’t read Vogue. This was due to the readers feeling as though they couldn’t relate to what was with in its pages. Whether it was to do with appearances, price range or even unwearable fashion trends.

This led me to create Candour Magazine. 12 issues for this year, each featuring an extraordinary person, who isn’t famous but should be a role model. The reasoning behind me choosing this person, the image concept and an interview is used for the content of each magazine.

Inner Thought's Project

A hypothetical poster campaign for Mind - a mental health charity. In this project I wanted to explore a feeling that a great deal of people experience through out their lives. Feeling lost and unsure about the future. I think at a young age a great deal of pressure is put on us to have our life figured out and know which subjects to study or what course to do at uni to pursue this. Even taking a course we have never had any experience with.

To do this, I wrote down thoughts I’ve had myself and asked in a survey whether others had felt the same. Over 90% had felt the same as I did. It’s incredibly important that no one should feel along during this time which is was something I only really became aware of whilst doing this project.

Type Tribute : Avant Garde Vinyl Cover Design

Herb Lubalin was a graphic designer most known for his type face Avant Garde. It was publicised by Ralph Ginzburg in the mid 1960s. Lubalins starting point were capitals in the style of geometric self-serif type face. A mixture of Futura and Helvetica. The horizontal strokes were inspired by the movement of a jet taking off a runway.
Our brief was to create a band name, album and song names and album cover inspired by the typeface.

As the type was inspired by planes, I incorporated a sense of movement through out the album. Though we weren’t allowed to use imagery, I used shapes to create propellers on the vinyl, so when it was played the propellers would spin.
The album name and band name have a grey outline much like the typefaces used on the side of planes. The colour scheme reflected the genre of our hypothetical band.