It's my design principle to create well-crafted works that's emits the synergy between the content, ideation, craftsmanship and the (unexpected) experience, that engages the audience. Basically getting the right idea and getting the idea right.

In short — Print in Nature. Experimental in Character.

• Curiosity
• Provocative
• Unexpected
• Storytelling
Coordinate Magazine

Coordinate is a quarterly architectural magazine with characteristic of an in-depth approach. With the editorial policy of one issue, one theme (with a curated art direction based on the insight of the theme) plus a playful twist — the identity of the selected architecture remains unknown till the end – till then only the coordinates of the place is referred to.

This is to bring a different view point of the choosen architecture/building without the notion of it’s preconceived perspective.

With the purpose to expose readers to experiences and opportunities, learning about the architecture through its
people and its infrastructure in randomness and unexpected ways.

Coordinate aims to be an archival printed medium, that’s worth possessing. One that maintains a unique and independent perspective towards architecture in an ocean of architectural magazines.

Atmospheric Data

A series of three books, with each being a significant year of the Voyager Mission. Physicalising the existence of the spacecraft and it’s presence, with each page representing a day from the SFOS data. (SFOS: Space flight operation schedule)

1998 – Announced as the furtherest human spacecraft out in
the space
2004 – Entered heliosheath
2012 – Entered interstellar space

Atmospheric data is the data visualization with an element of personal response in terms of what I felt about the Voyager Mission by NASA. To physicalise the connectivity between the space craft, bringing the notion of the mission to life and real. The data provided by NASA was tabulated and the plan was for each book to contain that year’s worth of activity, presenting a day as a page.

As the year goes recent the color of the book gets darker, as a response that it is further out into space. every sheet was also letterpressed with a colorblock of that year on top, bringing
out the atmospheric element in the printed data.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is an interactive, curate your own editorial mission overview of the discoveries made with the voyager mission. Promoting the milestones of the discoveries made with the voyager mission.

This was done with the concept of “looking at the bigger picture”, depicting the vastness of the discovery and the mission. This editorial piece was designed with an intent that it would be on the walls of an exhibition space that’s in context to the voyager mission.

The idea behind the graphic imagery was actually assimilating the image processing method that the Voyager spacecraft uses. Which leads to a montage of images to create a moving planet gist. The aesthetics here in itself brings about a sense of motion and dynamics.

A simple yet iconic visual device running through out this editorial piece with the intention of showing side-profiles/glimpse of the planets, as they slowly line up together to form a bigger glimpse into the solar system.