Harriet is a London based designer who's work focuses around combining illustration techniques with typographic layouts and editorial design, many of her projects also look at creative campaign strategies. Harriet is a passionate designer who is able to present a creative outlook in her work.

#SAVETHEPANGOLIN is a creative charity campaign. pangolins are the worlds most trafficked animal and are poached for their scales. The campaign is focused upon creating an awareness and educating the public. The campaign contains four main assets: an interactive poster, a social media video, an Instagram account and a campaign strategy. The interactive poster is the key element of the campaign. The users can remove scales as hand outs to reveal information about the project, this then actions the user to visit the Instagram account and share the message.

The Amur Leopard

This project was a charity campaign focusing on increasing the population of the critically endangered species: The Amur Leopard. The project was part of the Industry Practice Unit and inspired my final Major Project. The hook of the campaign was based around population statistic comparisons and the assets produced are a poster and social media video.

A Guide To Dressage

A rustic and unique hand illustrated publication which guides the reader through the origins, history and current day techniques of the equine sport of dressage.