Costanza is a creative and enthusiastic individual with a wide artistic and design background. From the capital of the world, Rome, she has followed her studies in London, where a rich and multicultural soil let her creativity and knowledge grew up in the perfect environment. Her originality, boldness and constancy are the keys to her design strategy, specialised in Printmaking and Editorial Design. Costanza prefers a craft-based approach, always exploring new mediums and processes of making, keeping a strong connection with the audience, through dynamic and interactive solutions.

Winner of the Print Futures Awards 2017 - The Printing Charity
Currently working as Design Freelancer for The Printing Charity and StartupItalia!
Visual Systems

A series of posters inspired by Harold Pinter's Memory Plays (1960-1980).

Pinter's plays are set in a room. The "close space" as inspirational form. Each poster is built with real objects and text on acetate paper. The elements are representative of keywords and memory's features of the plots. The digital version is designed for the London's underground DEP (Digital Escalator Panel)

Format: A1 portrait (841 x 594cm)
DEP : 1920 x 1080 px

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The Encoded Object - The Pine Cone

The book is an artistic and graphic representation of a pine cone, where its mathematical (Fibonacci Spiral) and sensitivity qualities (temperature) have been explored and translated through the use of multiple materials and techniques. This book is an interactive tool with the aim to be shown at indoor exhibitions and/or to be used for personal purpose.

Format: concertina book (6 A4) Landscape
(extended 178.2cm)
Paper: 270gsm
Screen printed

Please visit my website for further pics.