A London based Graphic Designer specialising in 2D/print, Photography, Branding and Advertising. My work is inspired by fashion and cinema, Im influenced in response to current events in the world. I enjoy simplicity and strive to the best of my ability to create something new in each project.
Ringlight entertainment presents: The American Dream

A Ringlight entertainment original series proudly brings to you from the Promise Land a tale of hope, of future, of a past and of a desire, The American Dream Season 1 showcased by Ringlight entertainment. A project in response to creating a publishment. I crafted and bound a book to present a new series that would be streamed through an online website called Ringlight. Outcomes include a branded guideline booklet, a promotional poster and a publishment

City Of Culture: Manchester, The BeFestival

A brand identity project is in response to the brief “City Of Culture,” Manchester. The cultural event was signified through a festival also known as BeFestival, inspired by the Mancunian Bee also known as the symbol of Manchester and a Mancunian. A redesign of the Mancunian Bee symbol was created along with the merchandise of the festival, a brand guidelines booklet and a publishment: Be Archive which is a recording of the population of Manchester since the 18th century, the start of the industrial revolution and what gave rise to the Mancunian Bee.