Jang is a graphic designer that loves to adopt motion graphic as an approach of presenting things. She likes to try many different subjects, regards concept as the most important part in design.

Humanity has been keen to explore outer space for a long time. The Voyager mission is about proving our technology, exploring the unknown, and sharing information on our beloved planet with others.

This mission is a huge milestone for us, it is not just something that has happened, it keeps pushing our civilisation forward. This is a story that should be told to all of us as earthmen. Furthermore, I want to explore a new way of storytelling to fascinate a range of people.

Voyager Visual Summary

An editorial design of the development process for Voyager project.

Visual System - Harold Pinter

Develop a system for the play.

The design rationale of these posters is to convey the main concept of the plot. Use clouds covering different part of the human face as an metaphor.