/Felix Belfield
As a designer with a special interest in conditional design I celebrate process as well as outcome. To me an outcome will not be as interesting unless there's been some sort of rigorous process behind it. I also work with photography, editorial and print. Over the past couple of years I've developed my practice as a multidisciplinary designer by working across the industry in publishing, art galleries and retail.
Encoded Objects

In this project I focused on a process called timbre, which involves the transition on visuals to sound. I produced sounds from a selection of objects (Street Bollard, Bus and Blouse) by taking an image and pixelating the object. I then converted the RGB values of the pixels into values that were compatible with a synthesiser. In tandem with this I gave more personal or subjective response in writing, meaning that I had contextualised an object through three differing methods (visuals, text and sound) without explicitly revealing the object.

Below are the visuals of the object represented through reordering the pixels.